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Behringer FBQ100 Shark Feedback Destroyer
Behringer FBQ100 Shark Feedback Destroyer
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Retail Price: RM980.00
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Retail Price: RM1,140.00
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KRK K10S Active Subwoofer, Black

  • Model: K10S
  • Shipping Weight: 21kgs
  • Manufactured by: Behringer

Retail Price: RM1,700.00
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Accurate Bass Monitoring for Your Home Studio!

Most home studios start out as smallish, square-ish rooms -- not the ideal setting for an accurate listening environment. Corner bass traps and absorbent wall panels can help eliminate muddy low-frequency buildup. But even when room acoustics are under control, your mixes could be turning out more bass-heavy than you realize -- if you're mixing without a subwoofer. So the next logical step is to add precise, tight bass to your setup, with a dedicated sub. The KRK 10S subwoofer is the perfect match for KRK's hugely popular Rokit and VXT monitor series, and with a sweepable crossover set anywhere from 50 to 130 Hz, the 10S adds flexible, accurate low-frequency extension to any stereo or surround system.

Unmistakable KRK Design

KRK is a "do one thing, do it well" kind of company, which is why their studio monitor speakers have become ubiquitous in home project studios and professional setups alike. If you've been in your share of studios, you're likely to recognize the KRK 10S sub's trademark yellow glass aramid composite woofer cone, mounted discreetly behind its removable black grill. Like KRK's full-range Rokit and VXT monitors, the 10S also has a sleek curved baffle and front-firing port shaped to reduce turbulence. But unlike most studio monitors, the 10S is voiced to produce accurate, clear bass down to a deep 34 Hz.

Simple Steps To a Stereo Setup

If you're adding a sub to your stereo monitors, setup couldn't be simpler: run a pair of cables (XLR, 1/4-inch, or RCA) from the stereo outs of your console or audio interface, to the stereo inputs on the KRK 10S. Next, run another pair of cables from the 10S's XLR or RCA outputs to the line-level ins on your stereo monitors. You'll want to try moving your subwoofer around the room to find the right spot, and use pink noise and test tones from KRK's website to make sure your levels are properly matched -- and if they're not, adjust the sub's -30 to +6 dB volume knob. Set the sub's low-pass filter to 130 Hz, its highest setting, and flip its phase inversion switch to the position loudest in your room. Then set the sweepable low-pass filter to 80 Hz -- the 10S' built-in crossover will send everything higher than 80 through its outputs to your main stereo speakers. And that's it: you've got a properly calibrated subwoofer holding down the low end on your mixes.

Bypass Footswitch: Hear The Difference

You'll hear the difference your subwoofer makes in your system immediately -- but KRK also makes it even easier to "A/B" your system. The Bypass feature lets you send the full-range stereo signal to your main monitors, bypassing the sub entirely, with no plugging or unplugging of cables. Just plug in a standard 1/4-inch latching footswitch like the Boss FS-5L to the back panel and "click" it to toggle Bypass.

Sweepable Low-Pass for Surround Monitoring

Accurate sub-bass monitoring is key for mix-to-picture applications. It's an obvious must if you're building a real 5.1 surround setup. And when you're doing audio post on a stereo system, a KRK 10S sub can help you zero in on undesirable noise like air-conditioner rumble and pops on voiceover tracks, as well as set precise levels on low-frequency effects. After all, if you're mixing a soundtrack that will be reproduced on theater systems with sub-bass capabilities, you need to have those frequencies represented in your studio. Luckily, setting up your 10S for 5.1 mixing is easy, with a low-pass filter sweepable from 50 to 130 Hz. You can set the low-pass frequency depending on the size of your left, right, center, and surround speakers, and what your bass-management hardware or software requires.

Send In The Sub!

Small stereo monitors such as KRK's Rokit RP5 have become increasingly popular in budget-minded home studios -- and compromised low-end is unavoidable when you're using small speakers. Do the math: for every octave lower, a speaker needs to push 4 times as much air to maintain the same volume. Fortunately, the KRK 10S saves the day with a beefy 150 watts of power and a 10-inch high-excursion speaker cone -- more than enough to shore up your low end. The 10S is one of the most affordable-yet-professional subwoofers on the market -- and the ideal solution for a small studio that needs serious bass.


- 150-watt built-in amplifier
- 10-inch glass aramid composite woofer
- XLR, 1/4-inch, and RCA stereo inputs
- XLR and RCA stereo outputs
- Bypass switch input to send full-range signal to the stereo outputs
- 50 to 130 Hz variable low-pass filter
- Ground lift switch
- Adjustable volume from -30 to +6 dB

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